Jacob’s Ladder

In the year of our Lord sixteen hundred and ninety-nine, a young priest named Jacob Mahn was called upon to perform an exorcism on a small boy. Fighting through the night the young priest ultimately opened himself to the demon in order to save the child.

Returning to his small parish, Jacob began to perform another exorcism on himself. The priest and demon fought long but in the end Jacob was able to cast the demon from his body. The demon though would not go without making Jacob pay a price for his triumph and pulled Jacob’s soul from his body leaving it to drift in the afterlife.

Beaten and exhausted by his ordeal, Jacob collapsed to the floor of the parish, only to be found later by members of the congregation. Believing him to be dead from his battle with the evil one, they gave him a proper burial. However, later that night Jacob rose from his grave not sure what has transpired. When the town’s people saw him they believed that he was the demon returned and tried to burn him at the stake before he could do more harm. When his body did not burn they fear they have made a mistake and pull Jacob from the flames, begging for forgiveness.

Still uncertain what has happened to him, Jacob retreated to his church and looked to God for answers. When God did not answer, Jacob felt as though God has forsaken him but then an angel appeared before him and told him that his Lord and Savior still heard his prayers but it is Jacob who could not hear God’s voice.

The angel told Jacob that his soul had been taken from him and waits for him in eternity, but Jacob himself was still bound to Earth. That he can no longer die by mortal means. Any mortal injury will heal with a quickness from God. His body would not grow old and would not grow weak with time. That he would walk the Earth until the Son of God returns. Then his body will be reunited with his soul for the glory of God.

The angel told Jacob that he must beware evil magic and the black arts, for these weapons of the evil one can do him harm and though he will not die from their attacks he will not heal from them easily. Jacob told the angel that he would travel the Earth and go into the dark places to shine God’s light on the evil festering in His creation. The angel told Jacob that God had destined him for this battle and would always be with him in all the dark corners of the Earth. That He would send Jacob helpers along the way as he runs his race.

I guess you could say I am one of those helpers, my name is Theodore Rollings. I am chronicling Jacob’s story which has spanned over three centuries now. Jacob jokes saying it is a waste of time writing down his stories in the “Book of Jacob” as he jokingly calls it. I know he is wrong though, that his stories of fight against the darkness are important, that they serve a purpose and must be told. That is why I am writing this text, Jacob’s Ladder.

Jacob’s Ladder is the creation of Mike Torrance. All rights reserved.