Retroverse Tales

Listed here are some of the projects currently in production for the Retroverse. Beside each is a brief description of the project and a link to that project’s page. Please have a look around and enjoy yourself. And should the mood strike you shoot us a comment with your thoughts on the projects currently in production in the Retroverse.

 AgartA is a classic adventure comic strip designed with 5 weekly B&W strips and one full color/full page weekend strip. Inspired by classic adventure strips like Tarzan of the Apes, Flash Gordon and Terry and the Pirates- AgartA is an adventure of a lifetime.


Beetle Bug is the story of Clayton “Clay” Cleary, an average teenager who becomes a hero, thanks to a strange talisman. He uses his new found powers to fight crime in the bustling metropolis of Argo City, mainly butting heads with the villainous Archnida crime family. It is all out superhero action in this story of the Astonishing Beetle Bug.


Tom Aster is the most famous astronaut since Neil Armstrong. He was the first man to walk on Mars. The first to broadcast from Mars to Earth, to wish his son, Tommy, happy birthday. During the return trip from Mars after launching the solar satellite his Mars Module was unable to breach the planets gravitational pull and was sling shot into the sun he came to Mars to study. The nation mourned its’ lost hero. Nine months later, during the first total solar eclipse on US soil since 1979, a small solar flare lashed out from behind the shadow of the moon and touched down in the remote Sandhills region on Montana. In the center of that touchdown crater was Colonel Thomas Aster. Only was more than the man he was, imbued with cosmic energy never seen before, he became the world’s first public superhero. He became known the world over as ICON.