Tangent’s Keep

Magic surrounds us at all times. Its energy comes from the elements that form the world around us. The wielders of this magic are called Mancers. There are five main elements to the Fields of Magic and a Mancer is tuned to one of these Fields and it is from there that they gain their power. There are two Taboo Fields of Magic and one new Field of Magic. The Mancer who can tune and control all the elements of Magic is called the Omnimancer. To every generation, one Omnimancer is born. They are charged with the task of keeping the balance between the real world and the Realms of the Mancers. This is the world of Gregory Tangent, the latest in a long line of Omnimancers.

Set in the mid-1980s, the Tangent family travel the globe saving the world from one magical disaster after another, all the while training Gregory to become the Master Mancer and to learn to wield the power of the Omnimancer and protect all of mankind. It is his place to protect the world from those who would abuse magic and to keep the secrets of magic safe from the world at large. Assuming he has finished his homework that is.

Tangent’s Keep  is the creation of Mike Torrance. All rights reserved.